Image processing

Smart camera

Smart cameras have a small processor on board which can run image analysis software with a limited tool set.
These systems are very useful for simple applications which do not require complex inspection analysis routines.
The camera imaging platform is also usually quite limited in ithe max. image size which they can process efficiently although speed of image transfer is high which makes them useful on quite fast production lines.
Typical applications which these platforms can handle include:

  • Container closure
  • Lable presence
  • OCR/ OCV
  • Code inspection and confirmation

Image processing

There are a number of "off the shelf" image processing software packages which use a graphical user interface which makes them relatively easy to deploy for simple to moderately complex jobs.
Some of these packages are supplied free with some camera brands although usually the more complex tool sets are sold separatley at additional cost.
More complex jobs usually require the assisitance of a machine vision partner such as Indyn.
These systems run on an external PC. Typical applications include:

  • part assembly
  • pattern matching

Deep learning

Deep learning systems are a recent innovation. Usually the data sets required to make the system perform reliably will require extensive project management and careful planning.
These systems work well on natural products where normal machine vision software has some difficulty.
These systems also run on external PC and data transfer rates are a prime consideration for effective delopyment.
Indyn has considerable expertise in deep learning as applied to machine vision applications.

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